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The Water Mindset Tool Audio: Listen



The Water Mindset is used to arrive and or stay in a flow state.  This can be used for riding within the Medium PowerTrain Zones setting a fast pace using fat as fuel, or the Water Mindset can be used as a way to cool off, or "Reset" during a hard sustained effort like a climb, TT, or breakaway.


PowerTrain Zones Match:

Low Medium, Medium, and High Medium


Physical Cues:

Relaxed hands, jaw, and shoulders.  Breathing should be deep, consistent, and controlled.


Mental or Vocal Cues:

I am flowing.

I am cool.

I feel refreshed.

My hands are relaxed.

My arms feel weightless.

My breathing is deep.

My motion is smooth.

I do not force my path.

I feel calm.

I am composed.

I am in control.

I am strong.

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