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4-R Focus white.png

There are 4 Steps to 4-R FOCUS. 

The FOCUS 4-R's are: Review, Refresh, Raise, and Razor Sharp.

Before each key workout or event, to achieve 4-R FOCUS, please follow these 4 steps:

Step 1 - Review YOUR WORKOUT or EVENT.

Step 2 - Refresh YOUR VISION: Purpose, Perspective, and Desired Outcome (located in the HOLOGRAM.)

Step 3 - Raise YOUR SCOPE (located in your Tool Kit). Make clear targets for your workout or event that are in line with your VISION.

Step 4 - Razor Sharp BLACK LINE CLARITY (Repeat your BLC words located in you HOLOGRAM and enter your workout or event free, clear, and on a MISSION to give your best!!!!

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