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CINCH FORM 3-Sigma Nutrition is built around our propriety 3 step process to providing you with the right nutrition to hit your cycling targets, health targets, and personal targets.

The CINCH FORM 3-Sigma Nutrition Process was created to fulfill a strong need for our clients. As a coach, I would see clients falling short in their rides and events. Their improper fueling would then translate to poor recoveries and a lack of overall vibrancy and well-being. I decided that diet was the barrier to progression outside of training that I was going to knock down. I enlisted the help of the nutrition guru I used during my racing.

Kourtney worked closely with the team chef and shopped, planned and prepared the majority of my nutrition during my career. We created a game plan that transformed my riding, racing, and recovery. For the first time in my life, I was able to reach my target race weight without compromising performance. Best of all, at the age of 37, I felt better than I had in my entire career.

Now how does this all apply to you?

First off, our objective: to demystify any of your confusion regarding nutrition that may have limited to you in the past. Allow you to move forward with a practical and effective nutrition protocol. We are offering you a nutrition program that’s proven tested at cycling highest level.

The FORM 3-Sigma Nutrition Program is a guide that will show you how to develop and utilize our methodology to create the best possible foundation for training

Sounds simple right? CINCH baby. But, it was far from simple to create!
We recommend implementing all of the tools found in this book for at least one month, after this time this way of fueling should become second nature.

    The 3 Sigma Nutrition Macro Checklist


1. Set aside some time to look over the 3 Sigma Nutrition Information in its entirety, bookmark the website  on your phone


2. Calculate your macros for each workout on the Macro Calculator. Store them in the notes on your phone or print them out for easy access.


3. Download a tracking app of your choice, we like My Fitness Pal.


4. Purchase a simple food scale if you don’t already have one.


5. When weighing your food, put your container on the scale and  hit the “tare’ button on your scale. Then add the food in. Write down the weight in grams for that container for future use so this weighs only your food, without the math.


6. Keep things simple in the beginning with routine food choices and meals.


7. Learn how to create and save your favorite recipes for future use (link to MFP


8. Being prepared makes our 3 Sigma System so much easier and should be a huge priority to get the absolute most out of your workouts.


9. Tracking your food can feel like a foriegn language in the beginning so remember taking it one day at a time and don’t expect perfection. I would stick with it for 6 weeks and then once you’ve gotten the hang out it you can reevaluate your next steps. Think of it as a lifelong investment in your future performance on and off the bike.


HAVE FUN! Utilize the flexibility macro counting provides to create your own personal success.



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