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Our Timing Sigma is the planned modification of macronutrient intake we use to foster health, athletic performance, and optimal body composition.

Our nutrient timing strategies are based on the unique ways our bodies process different types of food at different times.

Our #1 timing principal is that most of your carbohydrates should be consumed before, during and immediately after exercise.

Within the categories, we've dedicated specific amounts of time to assimilating food before the ride. During the workout, food is eaten within a particular timeframe and consumed within the glycogen window after the ride. We also identify the timing strategies that should be used on the rest days.

Timing has a tremendous effect on muscle gain and muscle loss as well as fat gain and fat loss. The wrong foods at the wrong times can cripple your efforts on the bike. The right foods at the correct times can further improve the quality of those efforts.

The body handles various types of carbohydrates differently. Generally, carbohydrates that are digested and absorbed slowly aid in regulating blood sugar. These are carbohydrates that are higher in fiber and lower in simple sugars, such as beans, sprouted grains, and vegetables.

But quick assimilating carbs are not all created equal if timed correctly; starchy carbs which digest quickly positively affect performance and muscle recovery. Regardless of your fat loss objectives and overall fitness, consuming carbohydrate during this critical postworkout period enables us to replace muscle glycogen and improve recovery. We call this the "glycogen window." Your window occurs 2 hours after the workout. Athletes see the most immediate benefit when consuming carbohydrates within the first 45 minutes of finishing a workout.

Refer to the categories for the specific carbohydrate type that correlates to the workout and meal time.

Wanting to lose fat? Then follow the CINCH 3-Sigma® three-hour rule.

Consume the majority of your carbohydrates in the three hours leading up to your ride and up to 3 hours after your ride. This window of eating allows your body to burn fat later in the day without compromising on the bike performance. Focus on lean proteins, dark leafy greens and healthy fats outside of your carbohydrate window.

You may need to adjust accordingly, for Hor's Category and Premiere category rides.

If you've reached your desired physique and want to maintain, consuming carbs outside of the window is not a problem. Just be sure to focus on the fibrous variety to control insulin response and optimize energy levels.

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