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The first of our 3-Sigmas is Purpose. The reason or motive behind your nutrient intake throughout the day. Purpose is the simplest Sigma, but we listed it first because it sets the stage for success in all the other Sigmas.

Before even beginning to think about what you should eat, it's essential to identify the purpose of your meal. As CINCH athletes we are ALL IN on our bikes, and we should bring that level commitment to every facet of our life. Many of us might feel like we are eating on auto-pilot but not anymore.

Ask yourself these four questions before deciding on what to eat.

1. Why are you eating?

2. Physically, what are you hoping to gain from this food?

3. Mentally, what are you hoping to gain from this food?

4. What are the macronutrients you need from this food? 


You should identify a target not just for your pre and post ride meals but all of your meals. Think of it as priming, but for your nutrition, it only takes a split second to process mentally. Once you have a clear purpose, you can create a game plan using the other Sigmas.  Now the justification behind your meals will be ever changing.

Is this purpose of this meal to help you ride up a mountain or to get you through a 3- hour airplane ride? To properly recover from a Premiere Category workout or to put your kids to bed?  Even indulgent meals have a purpose. If you order a beer and burger to take the edge off after a long week, then it serves a therapeutic purpose. But recognize the motive behind your meal, so you ensure you are getting what you need out of it.

The choice of what to eat becomes much more evident when you pinpoint the reasons behind why you are eating in the first place.

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