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Advantage Strength

Off-the-bike strength training is an essential of the FORM Coaching Method™.  We believe that to perform well consistently, avoid injury, and continue to improve you must supplement your cycling training with strength training. One would think as one of the world's top cyclists I had all the time in the world to train and consistent access to all the right gyms and equipment…right?  Wrong!  I had a chaotic schedule that included travel, racing, family, sponsor obligations, not to mention a finite level of energy and motivation.  Sound familiar?  I found that consistency ruled over complexity.  Therefor, I needed a strength training program that fit my life, complimented my focuses, and I could perform on the go.  

Enter Advantage Strength™.  This is about giving you the Advantage in the sport of cycling through new strength, the right amount of flexibility, and impeccable protection from injury.  

During your time at CINCH your coach will take you through the various levels of the ADV depending on your ability, objectives, and training schedule.  As you progress you will find ADV Strength Training workouts in your Today’s Plan calendar.  When you complete them please check off the “done” box in the upper right hand box of your workout.  

There will be 5 parts to the Advantage Strength Program.

1. Advantage Core
Core training is the foundation of our training program overall, not just the ADV part.  You will be given a core routine to do each day with will stimulate key muscle groups, strengthen critical stability, build new power, and develop a rock solid “core” of your key 3 points of contact for producing cycling power (hands, butt, and feet.)  The ADV Core exercises are best done before your workouts as they activate important muscle groups that help you produce power.

2. Advantage Plyometrics
At CINCH we use plyometrics for building functional strength that will translate to direct on-the-bike ability as well as precise injury prevention.  You will likely see ADV Plyometrics in your training program with the exercise and frequency changing depending on what WorldTour Periodization® Phase you are in. 

3. Advantage Body Position Dynamics
ADV Body Position Dynamics are custom exercises built to directly enhance your FORM Body Positions™ for your Drills and Plays.  These exercises will increase the strength of the muscles used in the Body Positions as well as strengthen crucial “support” muscles to be able to hold yourself in these key positions.

4. Advantage Balance
Balance is a colossal part of proper cycling. The balance required to perform well on two wheels is very different than that you need for performing on two feet.  As you advance in the FORM Performance Method® you will be receiving ADV workouts specifically designed to improve your balance on the bike for precise bike handling and further enhance execution of the FORM Body Positions®.

5. Advantage Yoga
We have created a unique a custom Yoga program designed to enhance your recovery, increase your flexibility, and relax your mindset.  As you progress within the FORM Performance Method you will begin to see ADV Yoga on some of your recovery days.  We will be taking your recovery to a new level!

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