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Classics Time-Trial


The Classics Time-Trial rider is an endurance-centric athlete who matches this ability with unmatched short, explosive power, creating a unique ability to time trial.  You are the hard man or woman of cycling who embraces difficult terrain, harsh conditions, and adventure. You can ride solo off the front of a group, climb medium-length climbs well, time trial strongly, and ride at a high level in the peloton. This rider is like an engineer, who is methodical in their approach to almost everything in life. They are the numbers people. They love to analyze data and solve complicated problems. Engineers are rarely seen of out of control. They approach situations with logic rather than emotion. Classics Time Trialists, like engineers, love to work through difficult challenges. They rarely go into competitions without the right equipment and a solid plan that they’ve forged through research and experience. They have a very specific way of doing things, which lends itself to a certain degree of stubbornness. If this develops, they can get in their own way. These types of riders thrive in complicated races with many changes in terrain. Whether it’s at a Spring Classic or a gravel event, these athletes are gritty and are not shaken easily.




Pro Rider Example:

Fabian Cancellara, Bradley Wiggins, Chloé Dygert Owen, and Thomas De Gendt





Long femurs


Physical Strengths:

Strong endurance


Favors in-the-saddle riding to develop power

Prefers steadier riding overall

Explosive ability

Can do both short explosive efforts and longer sustained TT-like efforts

Steady Shallow Climbing


Physical Weakness:

Long Sustained Climbs

Long Climbs with terrain changes

Multi day stage races or hard efforts


Mental Strengths:




Strong mental endurance

Intense short focus


Mental Weaknesses:

Often too focused on other riders

Struggles with intense focus for long periods of time

Uncomfortable with physical pressure on climbs


Ideal Races/Events:

Endurance rolling events

Events with rough terrain or difficult weather conditions like rain, wind, cold, and or mud

Short and long time trials 

Endurance time trials


Ideal Race-Winning Strategy:

In a hard, long race of attrition, break the group down to a select few. Win with a strong solo attack or ride away from the other riders.

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