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The Cloud Mindset Tool Audio: Listen



This mindset is to be used with your base zone to use the least amount of mental energy.  The Cloud Mindset is often used to check in during a warm up or between intervals, or during a long, low intensity ride.  The Cloud Mindset can also be used after a hard or stressful moment to fully detach, regroup, or recover.


PowerTrain Zone Match:

The Base Zone


Physical Cues:

Entire body relaxed.

Breathing through the nose inhale and exhale.


Mental or Vocal Cues:

"I am feeling free.

I am feeling light.

My body feels energetic.

My mind is care free.

I trust in my proven process.

I know progress is not pass/fail.

I define myself with my actions.

I create energy with what I am grateful for.

I do not fear failure.

I am process driven.

I show up to give, not to take.

I am the author of my own story.

I am willing to fail.

I do not suffer, I overcome.

I am ready to own it.

I am ready to crush it.

I am ready to go all in.


My mind is clear

My lungs are full of fresh oxygen.

I am ready to take on my challenges.

I am capable of hitting my targets.

I am ready to own my progress.

I am here only to give and go ALL IN.

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