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1. Seated Acceleration Flats™ 

a. Purpose: To Increase your speed on the flats.  This can be for raising the speed when pulling on front, closing a gap in the group, or raising your speed in a solo effort like a break away or a time trial.

b. 3 Points of Power:
Hands: Thumbs up on brake hoods or up in the drop while you bring elbows in to lock the core during the acceleration.  Fore arms should be parallel to the ground.

Core: Core is fully engaged and locked with your pelvis tilted forward.  Shift body forward on the seat while you rotate pelvis forward.  Focus on using hamstrings, glutes, and calves on the upstroke.

Feet: Focus dropping the heal on the downstroke (starting at the 1 o'clock position and raising the heal on the upstroke (at the 5 o'clock position).  

c. Center of Gravity: Drop center on gravity low and centered over the bike by bending elbows and making forearms flat/parallel to the ground. Chest is down and close to the top tube.

d. Optimal Cadence: 90 - 100 rpm

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