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FORM Sprinter™



The CINCH FORM Sprinter™ is a explosive athlete who has an incredible top end, high power, 3 - 30 second effort.  You also have an extremely high performing explosive zones in efforts of 1 - 4 minutes. The muscle mass that you have to be able to do this, however, limits these performances to flatter terrain.  That is ok because the majority of events and races suits you perfectly. You just have to get to the finish line!


Pro Rider Example:

An example of the FORM Sprinter™ in the Pro Peloton is Mark Cavendish.


Physical Make Up:

Shorter more solid rider


Ideal center of gravity


Physical Strengths:

High, Short-Explosive Power

Excellent Sprinter

Strong at producing power both in and out of-the-saddle

Prefers non-steady riding

Explosive ability

Strong in super short time trials


Physical Weakness:

All types of climbs

Multi day stage races or hard efforts

Long time trials



Mental Strengths:


Intense short focus

Low stress and anxiety

Not focused on other riders


Mental Weaknesses:

Struggles with intense focus for long periods of time

Uncomfortable with physical pressure on climbs


Ideal Races/Events:

Short explosive races

Short time trials


Shorter Road Races


Ideal Winning Race Strategy:

The FORM Sprinter™ stays tucked in good position all day in the peloton and waits of the final sprint.  They nail a combination of good position and good timing of the effort to win the final sprint.


FORM Sprinter™ Execution Concepts


Terrain and Conditions PowerTrain Zone™ Basics:

1. Flats - PTZ 1, 2, 3 and 4 Power Floor

2. Short Hills - PTZ 8 Power Floor

3. Moderate Hills - PTZ 5, 6, and 7 Power Floor

4. Long Hills - PTZ 5 Power Floor

5. Headwind - PTZ 4, and 5 Steady Power Floor

6. Downhills - PTZ 1, 2, 3, and 4 Power Floor with explosive efforts off it in PTZ’s 9, and 10.

7. Tailwind - Alternating between PTZ 7 to get speed while holding a PTZ 3 Power Floor

8. Sprints - PTZ 10 Power Floor with spikes off of it.

9. Rough Road - PTZ 3, 4, and 5 Power Floor


Key PowerTrain Zone™ Measurements:

3 second Power

10 Second Power

20 Second Power

30 Second Power

1 Minute Power

2 Minute Power

3 Minute Power

4 Minute Power

60 minute Power

180 Minute Power

FORM Sprinter™ Skill Set:

Long Gritty Efforts

Grinding on tough terrain

Positioning Before Climbs


Peloton Smoothing

Pulling on the Front of the Peloton

Pulling off the Front of the Peloton

Getting on the Back of a Paceline or TTT



Peloton Positioning

Riding (in the group) during the lead-out before the final sprint Sprint

Final Sprint Seated

Final Sprint Standing


Solo Ride Plays:

Incredible Standing Hulk (Grinding on tough terrain)

Solo Effort Cadence Change (Finding Momentum on the Terrain)

Final Sprint Seated

Final Sprint Standing


Group Ride/Race Plays:

10K to go

5K to go

3K to go

1K to go

500 meters

250 meters

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