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FORM GC Climber™



The FORM GC Climber™ is the most versatile rider in cycling. GC stands for “General Classification,” which is the overall best cyclist. The FORM GC Climber™ loves to be in control in all aspects of the peloton as they are competing for the “overall.”


The FORM GC Climber™ leads with their pure climbing talent, but must work hard to be near the best at timing trialing, explosive climbing, and flat roads.


Pro Rider Example:

An example of the FORM GC Climber™ is Alberto Contador.


Physical Make Up:

Smaller Rider




Physical Strengths:

Strong threshold PTZ’s

Strong endurance

Favors out of-the-saddle riding to develop power

Prefers explosive riding overall

Able to change the rhythm strongly

Can do both short explosive efforts and longer sustained TT-like efforts

Strong all types of climbs

Strong multi-day recovery


Physical Weakness:

Flat roads


Rough road

Sprint finishes

Short time trials


Mental Strengths:



Good at problem solving in tough situations


Intense short and long focus

Strong mental endurance


Mental Weaknesses:

Executes on impulse and emotion

Often overly focused on other riders


Ideal Races/Events:

Stage races

Hilly one day events

Long time trials


Ideal Winning Race Strategy:

Mountain stages: Take time on all the climbs

Overall GC: Don’t lose much time in the time trials and flat stages.


FORM GC Climber™ Execution Concepts:


Terrain and Conditions PowerTrain Zone™ Basics:

1. Flats - PTZ 1, 2, 3 and 4 Power Floor

2. Short Hills - PTZ 8 Power Floor

3. Moderate Hills - PTZ 5, 6, and 7 Power Floor

4. Long Hills - PTZ 5 Power Floor

5. Headwind - PTZ 4, and 5 Steady Power Floor

6. Downhills - PTZ 1, 2, 3, and 4 Power Floor with explosive efforts off it in PTZ’s 9, and 10.

7. Tailwind - Alternating between PTZ 7 to get speed while holding a PTZ 3 Power Floor

8. Sprints - PTZ 10 Power Floor with spikes off of it.

9. Rough Road - PTZ 3, 4, and 5 Power Floor


Key PowerTrain Zone™ Measurements:

30 Second Power

3 Minute Power

4 Minute Power

10 Minute Power

15 Minute Power

20 Minute Power

30 Minute Power

60 Minute Power


FORM GC Climber™ Execution Skill Set:

Making an Attack

Covering an Attack


Changing the Pace/Rhythm Responding to Surges Climbing Momentum Positioning Before Climbs Final Climb (1st selection) Final Climb (Pace)

Final Climb (Battle)

Final Climb (Final Push)

Time Trial Start

Time Trial momentum (Pedaling and body position)

Time Trial Close

Peloton Smoothing

Pulling on the Front of the Peloton

Pulling off the Front of the Peloton

Getting on the Back of a Paceline or TTT



Stalling an Attack or Acceleration

Peloton Positioning

Riding (in the group) during the lead-out before the final sprint Sprint


Solo Ride Plays:

TT Prologue (Short Time Trial momentum (TT Pedaling and body position))

Climb Closer (Changing the Pace/Rhythm)

The Catwalk (Surging)

Incredible Standing Hulk (Grinding on Steep Sections of the climb)

TT Flow (Time Trial momentum (Pedaling and body position))

The Closer (Changing the Pace/Rhythm)

Solo Away on the climb (Making an Attack)

Solo Effort Cadence Change (Finding Momentum on the Climb)


Group Ride/Race Plays:

Dream Killer (Making an Attack at the bottom of the climb)

In Yo Face (Battle Climb Attacks)

The Knockout (Final Push Climb Attack)

Basketball to the Face (Battle Climb Attacks)

12 Rounds (Battle Climb Attacks)

T-Up Knife to the Throat (Final Section of the Climb Attack)

Cut the Rope (Changing the Pace/Rhythm)

Drop the Mic (Making an Attack on the Climb)

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