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The Lightning Mindset Tool Audio: Listen



This Lightning Mindset Tool is to be used with your Explosive PowerTrain zones and is used for short, maximum intensity efforts.  This mindset is often used to surge, attack, or cover an attack. Just like the name represents, this mindset is electrifying and is used like a lightning strike, short, precise, and maximum damage to it's surroundings.  This mindset is also like it's name in the sense that it is only in short explosive strikes, not continuous effort. After each strike there is time needed to prepare for the next one.


PowerTrain Zones Match:

Nuclear, Long Surge, Short Surge, Maximum Explosive Strength.


Physical Cues:

Arms tight and strong.

Mouth slightly open, showing teeth like a growl.

Short, explosive inhales and exhales.

Lightning snap with hip flexors pulling.

Light, short jump from one ball of the foot to the opposite ball of the foot.


Mental and Vocal Cues:

"I feel electric."

"I see through tunnel vision."

"I am ready the give my maximum."

"I am 100 percent committed."

"This is a key moment in this battle."

"I know I must go ALL in physically and mentally."

"I will not let up until I reach my planned target."


"My intensity is explosive."

"My engine is wide open."

"My actions are hard hitting."

"My efforts are violent."

"My moves are forceful."

"My pace is full throttle."

"No one can stay with me."

"I am All IN."

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