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Black Line Clarity Priming

The ProActive Priming Process of Black Line Clarity is used to assist you in checking in and arriving at a "Ready State" to take on a task that you have in front of you.  This could be a workout (like today) or a race on the bike, or off the bike this could be used to prepare for a meeting or public speaking.


The Black Line Clarity Process (Use the video attached to take you through the steps)

Step 1 Check in: Disconnect mentally from what you were focused on prior. 

Step 2 Core Performance Qualities: Review the 10 CINCH FORM CPQs.

Step 3 Personal Qualities: Review your clutch strengths that you rely on. 

Step 4 Author of Your Own Story: Own that control of your destiny and decide how you are going to write today's chapter.

Step 5 Embrace the Possibility of Failure: The process of progress is what you want, many times failure is simply how you must get it.

Step 6 Feel Your True Confidence: Feel secure in your task within the process as it aligns with your current Ability, Skills, and Direction (ASD).

Step 7 See with new Clarity (Black Lines): Your VISION is clear Purpose, clear Perspective, and clear Outcome.

Step 8 ALL IN: Free. Clear. Focused. Ready to WIN YOUR RIDE.


1. What are your targets

2. What Ability and Skills do You have to Hit them

3. What strategy (direction) must you use to put yourself in position to use your ability and skills to hit these targets?

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