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Seated Acceleration Climbs™

a. Purpose: To Increase your speed on a climb. This can be for raising the speed when you are pulling through, closing a gap in the group, or raising your speed (momentum) in a solo effort like a uphill effort or uphill time trial. 


b. 3 Points of Power :


Hands: Hand grip should be firm and equal on both hands while you bring elbows in to lock the core during the acceleration.  Hands should be on the brake hoods or the center of the bars with the thumb up, doing most of the work in the grip.  Your hand should be resting on the “heal” of your hand.

Core: Core is fully engaged and locked with your pelvis tilted forward.  Shift body forward on the seat while you rotate pelvis forward.  Focus on using the hip flexors on the upstroke.


Feet: Focus on dropping the heal on the downstroke (at the 2 o'clock position and raising the heal on the upstroke at the 6 o'clock position.


c. Center of Gravity: Bring elbows in but keep chest in an up right position to allow optimal breathing.  Position yourself on the front of your seat and upper body forward over the front of the stem.


d. Optimal Cadence: 80 -90 rpm

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