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The Fire Mindset Tool Audio: Listen



This Fire Mindset Tool is to be used with your threshold PowerTrain zones and is used for sustained, intense efforts.  This mindset is often used to attack a climb, time trial, or breakaway.  Just like the name represents, this mindset burns up the road, trail, or wherever you are.  It also is so intense it burns up a lot of your fuel and energy.


PowerTrain Zones Match:

Low Threshold, Threshold, and High Threshold


Physical Cues:

Hands tight and firm.

Jaw extended.

Forceful exhales.

Core locked.

On balls of the feet with ankles up.


Mental and Vocal Cues:

"I am a warrior."

"I am committed."

"I am driven to be the best."

"I have a deep hunger."

"I am Intense."

"I am unstoppable."

"I am invincible."


"I am badass, powerful, proven, brave, motivated, strong, resilient, clear, possessed, fast, driven, gritty, dominant, relentless, tough, bold, ambitious."


"I go deep."

"I hit hard."

"I smash."

"I tear."

"I devore."

"I destroy."

"I stomp."

"I demolish."


"I light this place on fire with my power, my skill, and my focus."


"There is nothing good back there for me."

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