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1. Appetite for Aspiration

The hunger to constantly chase existing targets while continuously dreaming up new ones.


- I plan to dream.

- I show up to give, not to take.

- My line of sight goes around other people.

- I do not care what other people think of me and my actions.

- I am the author of my own story.

- I define myself with my actions.

- I have a focused hate of fear.


2. Dedicated Commitment

The act of being mindful of your high level of personal investment to a cause in order to remain dedicated to see it through to your desired outcome.


-    I OWN IT.

-    I am ALL IN.

-    I CRUSH IT.


3. Grateful Grit

The powerful mental and physical capability to endure the greatest struggles backed up by love for the ability, skills, and direction you have.


- Progress is NOT Pass/Fail.

- Bad days = Growth, Good Days = Practice.

- Patience is the most critical component of my work ethic.

- When I find myself struggling, I replace my feeling of suffering with my passion for overcoming.


4. Positive Vitality

The practice of using a positive mindset to live life in an active state of strength.

- I create energy using the things I am grateful for as ingredients.

- Planning my actions is the most critical step in achieving fulfillment.

- Holding myself accountable directly leads to personal satisfaction.


5. Pivot-ability

The engrained ability to interpret when to change direction when facing strong adversity.

-  I feel true power when I leave the struggle behind in my wake.

-  It may not be my fault, but I own full responsibility to move forward.

-  I am an artist of using cycling motion to create powerful emotions.

-  I nimbly use my mistakes as critical learning opportunities.


6. Addictive Confidence

The act of possessing pure confidence as a result from living addicted to consistently executing your proven process.

- I consistently trust in my proven process.

- I have iron certainty in my Ability, Skills, and Direction for my proven process.

- I frequently remind myself of my need to participate in my proven process.


7. Pro-Efficiency

The act of skillfully executing a strategic use of strengths while exercising absolute resourcefulness.

-   My focus is to deliver precise power over maximum power.

-   I execute proper timing instead of forcing speed.

-   I am driven to do more with less.


8. Habitual Advancement

Following a defined routine process that is driven by the objective of constant progression.  

- I am process driven instead of results focused.

- I know I must train consistently using my tools and processes to be able to use them when I need them the most.  



The extraordinary result that occurs when an individual puts their ability, skill, and direction together to work hard and achieve something much greater than the sum of those elements added together.

- The driving factor within my purpose is a cause greater than myself.

- I feel gratitude for my attributes and actions that inspire others.

- I am willing to toe the line with Failure.

- My ability to see Perspective uplifts me by showing me a beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil view of the moment (no matter how chaotic it can be).


10. Pressure Free Performance

The ability to be present in the moment and only look forward during difficult, high-pressure situations.

- I know "There’s Nothing Good Back There" in the most difficult moments.

- I know my Ability, Skill, and Direction for each MISSION and give my best in this perspective.

- In Moments of Urgency I don't waste critical time and focus analyzing how I feel.  Instead I act in the appropriate manner with all the Ability, Skills, and Direction I have.


Core Performance Qualities

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