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GetTING Up and Running With Today's Plan and the CINCH App

CINCH athletes have two mobile apps to maximize their coaching experience. The CINCH Cycling app is the home of the CINCH Cycling community, and all of our athletes use this platform to talk about their cycling experiences, training, progress, team events and so much more. Feeding our hunger for innovation and progress we created a full video tutorial coaching platorm with over 80 different video courses. One of the best features of the CINCH Cycling app is the built in messenger, where you will have direct access to your coach for unlimited messenger support. You'll also be able to connect with all of the other CINCHERS around the world.

The second app that you'll want to download is a customized version of the TODAY'S PLAN mobile app with built in CINCH specific KPI's. You'll use this app to view your upcoming workouts, and review all of the data from your training sessions.  The Notes section of the Today's plan app is where you will communicate with your coach in relation to specifics of each training session.

Getting Set Up on The CINCH App
How to Analyze your Workouts in Today's Plan
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