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The VISION is your line of sight of where you want to go in your transFORMation through cycling.  Without your VISION, you risk becoming lost during your journey.  Progress is what we are chasing, but we must accept that failure and adversity are truly the foundation of success.

Your VISION will act as a guide both for me and you as we find our way through successes and struggles to becoming the best "you" possible.  There are three components to the VISION: Purpose, Perspective, and Outcome.  We will use these three components in CIN-ERGY in our coaching to guide you through your cycling transFORMation as CINCH.


I. Purpose:

1. Why did you start cycling?

2. What specifically about the sport of cycling hooked you?

3. What sensations do you remember from your first rides?

II. Perspective:

1. What are your strengths physically?

2. What are your strengths mentally?

3. What are your weaknesses physically?

4. What are your weaknesses mentally?

5. Who are you in your life? (age, personal interests, job, location you live)

6. Who is in your life? (family, friends, occupation)

III. Outcome:

1. List three words that describe what progress means to you. (can be in or outside of cycling)

2. How do you personally measure progress in your life?

3. What are the top places that would you like to see progress in your cycling (and in your life)?



1. What is one word that best describes the feeling that you fell in love with on your first bike ride?

2. What is one word that describes the quality that you possess in which the people in your life can rely on your for?

3. In one word, describe how you felt on on your best ride ever.


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