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Pre Stagiaire

Welcome to CINCH!  We are excited to have you part of our team.  As we get started, you will begin with the Pre Stagiaire Phase in our Levels System.  Here we will test to learn more about you while we educate you in the fundamentals of our program.  So take you time, ease into the program, and absorb the Pre Stagiaire information as it will help you in your journey to cycling and FORM Performance Method mastery.

How To Set Up Today's Plan for Your Workouts
Set Up


Ten ComMandments

The Fundamentals of the CINCH Progress as a CINCH Athlete


The FOUR Pillars

Review the Four Pillar Approach to Our Coaching


Rider Types

The Position You Play in the Sport of Cycling.


The PowerTrain ZOnes

We Look at your Fitness like an Engine.  Your Performance Zones Become the Transmission.



What We Want You to Focus On in the Coaching.

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